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Senior Scientist/Manager Biologics Development (1.0 FTE)

Who we are

Chondropeptix is a biotech company developing a novel disease modifying treatment for Osteoarthritis and focal cartilage defects in joints. The technology is based on proprietary peptide technology derived from the growth factor BMP7. Osteoarthritis is a debilitating and painful disease that affects over 15 % of people over the age of 70. The first product Chondropeptix is developing, is a sustained release drug product for intra-articular use in patients with mild to moderate Osteoarthritis. As this is one of the first disease modifying drugs, we aim to significantly delay the progression of the disease and as such significantly improving the quality of life.

In order to progress this promising new drug product, Chondropeptix is looking for a Senior Scientist/Manager Biologics Development.  


The challenge

As Senior Scientist/Manager Biologics Development you will be responsible for day to day pre-clinical operations related to the generation of lead candidates, in vitrocharacterization and the oversight of external operations at collaborating companies and contract research organizations. Besides the scientific oversight you are actively managing the progress of all activities performed at all collaborating companies and MUMC+.    


What we are looking for

This exiting position requires a talented and pro-active scientist that is motivated by great science but is very goal oriented. Preferably, you have a PhD in Molecular Biology / Biochemistry / Pharmacology, hands-on project management expertise and good communication skills. You are a self-starter and are very much motivated to translate great science into a meaningful treatment for a significant unmet medical need.


What we offer  

A full-time position in a dynamic biotech start-up with an attractive career perspective and a competitive remuneration package.


Are you interested?

Please send your CV and motivation letter before Octobert 15th2019 to:

This e-mail address can also be used for questions or requests for additional information about this vacancy.



Acquisition as a result of this vacancy is not appreciated!

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